Why are Christians, Christian?

These are the answers people give as to why they are Christian.

  1. “I grew up in the church, my parents raised me as a Christian”
  2. “I have had a spiritual experience(s) that convinced me to be a Christian”
  3. “I have studied the scriptures and other evidence and have concluded by reason that Christianity is the correct religion”
  4. “I grew up in the church and have had some spiritual experiences that convince me that it is true.”
  5. “I was changed by some experiences I have had. I was a drunk/addict/immoral and Jesus saved me”
  6. “I have studied evidence on my own for and against Christianity as well as the scriptures, and have come to the conclusion that Christianity is the true religion. I then asked God in faith if my conclusions were correct. Upon receiving a witness from the Spirit that my conclusions were correct, I became a Christian.”

Study and Faith

Whatever religion you are, if all you can say is that I am a Christian because I grew up in the Christian faith, your roots are very shallow. When there are challenges to your religion by those with other convictions, you will probably abandon your faith. Many people do this every year.

This is true also of those who say they have had a spiritual experience. Who’s to say your spirtual experience was nothing more than indigestion, or an emotional feeling brought on by a very motivating speaker or story.

There are those who say they are converted to the historical Jesus. They don’t believe the miracles He performed, and undoubtedly not the miracle of resurrection. What they have is a conviction that Jesus was a good man, and even Atheists are willing to follow a man that ‘inspires’ them to be good and do good.

Then there are those who have had a conversion because they feel they have been changed because they have made an about face after being in the gutter of life.

The only people truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ are those who have sincerely searched the evidence available and have made a conscious effort to obtain a witness from the Holy Ghost – after they have concluded that it is possible or even probable that Jesus is the Christ. With that conviction, they then seek by faith to obtain a witness. This is the kind of knowledge the likes of which Peter received.

Peter had watched and learned for a period of time and was convinced from the evidence of Jesus’ life that he was the Christ. But Peter had gone further. After Jesus had asked the apostles “whom do ye say that I am”, Peter declared, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God,” and Jesus told Peter and the rest of the apostles that Peter knew Jesus was the Christ because God, the Father had given him a witness by the Holy Ghost. It was not indigestion, nor was it an emotional high brought on by another human being. It was a witness from God, the Father.

We are dual beings. We have both a physical body and a spiritual body and I think God expects us to use both the physical mind to study things out and our spiritual mind to receive a witness from the Spirit.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with opportunities to learn by study and by faith why you should be a Christian.


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